Otilia Horntvedt

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Im a happy girl who loves to cook, bake and eat vegan. This means I belive all animals should be treated with respect and not be abused or killed just so we can eat, wear or hunt them for our pleasure.

I love Starbucks and dreams of working there one day soon.

I have two rats named London and Friday.

I believe that everyone has do do their best in protecting the enviorment and try my best to be as ecofriendly as possible but know I can always do more.

I enjoy taking photos, working out, taking long walks both in nature and in the city, depending on my mood. I love all kinds of music and am always looking for new artists to add to my playlists. I also like to paint and be creative.

Sitting down with a a friend and a nice chailatte or cappuccino and just talk for a couple hours is also something I like to do on my spare time.